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Counselling, Supervision and Training, based in SW Wiltshire.


hsc counselling homeCounselling is often described as an unequal conversation between two people - 'unequal' because in this type of conversation one person is more important than the other; the client is much more important than the counsellor. My role is to try to help you decide what it is that is troubling you, and then help you to explore how you feel about that, and then possibly we might look at how you might tackle that issue. There isn't an agenda or 'best outcome' from my perspective; you decide what we talk about and you decide when you'd like to stop talking about it.
I don't work to a particular number of sessions - we agree this as we progress together. My usual way of helping as a counsellor is to offer a first session at a reduced price so that you can decide whether you think that counselling is what you want, and if so whether you'd like to work with me. If you do decide to continue then we agree a number of sessions with a review on the last one. Part of that review is to decide whether you'd like to end the counselling or continue for more sessions.
My rates are designed to try to accommodate those people who ordinarily struggle to meet the cost of counselling due to being on a low income, and so I operate a sliding scale of £25 per hour up to a maximum of £50 per hour, depending on how much you earn. I can meet you in your own home if this is appropriate (we would talk about this during the first session) or else I have my own counselling room in central Warminster where we can meet.
Details of my counselling model and approach can be found on the 'about us' page, and I'm always happy to discuss any aspect of my theoretical model and my training during that first session.

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