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Counselling, Supervision and Training, based in SW Wiltshire.


supervisionI can offer individual or group supervision to fellow professionals, especially those currently undertaking counselling training or those working within the addictions field, and also to counselling teams. As a tutor on a Degree in Addictions Counselling course I gained a lot of experience working with adult learners at levels 4 and 5, and I also have experience of delivering a level 2 generic counselling course through CPCAB, a Foundation course with BCPC in Bath and a Level 6 Degree course with Newman University. My rates are competitive, especially to students, and this will be discussed during your initial contact with me.
My model of supervision is one that a colleague and I have devised, designed and built ourselves, and we researched the effectiveness of this model by means of a research project that ran for a period of 12 months from March 2011 - June 2012. I am now engaged in writing up our research findings, and the model forms the main part of my Doctoral Thesis which will expand on the original research to show the effectiveness of the model in a wider context.The model is designed to be used mainly in the supervision of practitioners working within the field of addictions, yet it can also be used with counsellors working generically.
My fees are competitive and, as with my counselling fees, I offer a sliding scale of hourly rate dependent on your own particular circumstance. As an example I offer student counsellors a reduced rate of £20 per hour, whereas my corporate rate (where the agency pays rather than the individual supervisee), rises to a maximum of £60 per hour. This will be discussed and agreed during the initial contracting session, along with regularity of sessions and session length.
I can meet you at the New Directions counselling room in Warminster if you wish to travel to me, or else I'm happy to travel to where you are if a suitable room can be made available for us to work in. Use the contact page on this site to get in touch.
I also facilitate Reflective Practice sessions to groups in various locations in London and Sussex - Reflective Practice differs from supervision in that the participants are not necessarily trained counsellors, and so the clinical and theoretical element of the session is less structured than with clinical supervision. The participants are encouraged to talk about anything that impacts on their work or themselves, and the sessions are structured similarly to the group supervision sessions, with a check-in, agenda set, discusson and check-out forming the whole session. If you are interested in having me facilitate reflective practice with your team then do please contact me via the contact page and I can discuss the structure of the sessions in more depth. 
Current and previous supervision clients are listed below: -
  • The Moving On Project, Fareham. A counselling service for young people aged 12 -25. Supervision to a number of counsellors working with this client group.
  • Skoun Addiction Centre, Beirut, Lebanon. An addiction treatment centre. Individual supervision to 2 x counsellors.
  • Sefton Park, Weston-Super-Mare, a drug rehabilitation centre. Supervision to 2 x permanent staff members and 2 x part-time members.
  • Addaction, Weston-Super-Mare. An addiction treatment service. Supervision to a number of students studying a Foundation Degree or full Honours Degree in Counselling on placement at the centre, and a number of permanent staff members.
  • Western Counselling, Weston-Super-Mare. An addiction treatment centre. Individual supervision to 8 x counselling staff members & 2 x students on placement.
  • St Mungos-Broadway, London. A homelessness charity. Group Reflective Practice to 9 teams across the service in London.
  • The Sanctum, Uxbridge. An addictions treatment centre. Group supervision to the clinical team.
  • DHI (Developing Health and Independence) Bath. An addictions treatment service. Individual supervision to counsellors working for DHI.
  • WASP (Wiltshire Addiction Support Project) supervision to the Health Trainer, the Carer's Support worker and the Team Manager.
  • Turning Tides (Previously Worthing Churches Homeless Project). A Christian-based Homeles charity based in Worthing, W. Sussex. Reflective Practice to 2 different teams.
  • Wiltshire Mind. A charity offering brief counselling to clients with mental health difficulties. Supervision to 2 x groups of counsellors working for Mind, either as students on placement or qualified and volunteering.
  • A number of student counsellors studying at Levels 4 or 5, at various locations, on a 1-1 basis.

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