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Employee Assistance Programme

All employers are subject to the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) whereby as an employer you are liable for the health and safety of your employees. As part of this duty of care there may be the need to act if it is noted that an employee's performance has dipped or changed in some way, and there is not necessarily an obvious reason why.

Your employee could be suffering from stress - whether work related or not - and left unaddressed, this could result in continuing poor performance, and expensive HR processes. They may have other concerns, physical health or family problems which mean that their work is suffering, and they may end up having to take sick leave, change their working hours, or leave the organisation altogether. This leaves an employer with the costs of providing cover for time off, changing work rotas or of recruiting and training someone new.

It might be that any assistance to the employee can be offered 'in house', usually through the management structure, and so no outside help is needed. It might however be the case that the employee would benefit from personal support, and this is where New Directions could be useful to your organisation.

Part of our service at New Directions is to offer an Employee Assistance Programme  to any organisation, large or small, that recognises that time lost through employees taking stress-related or other sick leave can often be avoided. As an employer, you may notice that morale is low in a team, that unwelcome changes have to be implemented or that some staff are showing a pattern of absence that is causing concern. Providing counselling or mentoring through an EAP can often be a cost-effective measure to resolve these issues before they escalate, and so if you would like to discuss this matter further then do please contact us via the 'contact' page on this site.

On occasion, the problem affecting the employee may have wider implications - such as the need for a new policy, training for staff or for managers. New Directions Organisational Assistance is able to help you consider how to prevent the recurrence of problems and develop new ways of working.

Trevor is currently engaged as an affiliate with Health Assured, one of the leading providers of EAP's in the UK, and has also done work for Diverse Health Solutions and The Practitioner Network as an associate counsellor.

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