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About Addictions

drugsThe word 'addiction' is often used to describe a behaviour or a way of life, and the term 'addict' is often used in a derogatory way to describe a person's way of presenting themselves to society. I tend to disassociate myself from these terms, as I feel that they miss a vital point when dealing with people and problems -  the person in question. People are still people whether they use drugs, drink a lot of alcohol or behave in a way that other members of society would prefer that they didn't. I treat all of my clients as people first and foremost, and I encourage them to look at what it is that is causing them trouble regarding their drug or alcohol use, rather than just label them 'addicts'. A lot has been written and researched about why people use drugs and why some people become dependent on them and I am happy to discuss these issues with you if you want to during our sessions, but only if you choose to. I won't lead you down a particular path or try to suggest any form of treatment, but I am happy to discuss various options if detox, treatment or rehabilitation is something that you are interested in. I have access to a vast library of information, and I am happy to share this knowledge with you if you so wish.

Whether addiction is a disease, as some people think, or whether it is a learned behaviour and can therefore be 'unlearned' is a subject that takes up a lot of books and research, and as of yet we still don't really know the answer. We know that groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous can really help people to feel less alone, and can also help people to understand themselves regarding their drinking or drug use, and we also know that not everybody finds these groups helpful. I can discuss the pros and cons of going to AA or NA meetings, and I can also accept that you may not want to look at that option. 

What we can say without any fear of contradiction is that people have used mood-altering substances since Humans lived in caves, and so the human drive to use such substances is nothing new, and didn't start in the 1960's 'hippy' era as some people tend to think. If you or someone close to you is using drugs, this is nothing unusual. What I'm interested in helping you to look at is how that drug use affects you, and what you might like to consider as an alternative, and therefore find a New Direction in your life.

The whole subject of addiction is such a complex and emotive one that I can't really give you much more information here. As mentioned above I have access to a lot of information, so whatever you want to know about addiction, dependence and the effect on you or others close to you I should be able to offer some insight. If in the meantime you might like to read some more about what other people think about drug use or misuse, follow the various links below.


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