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Counselling, Supervision and Training, based in SW Wiltshire.


We can offer bespoke training to counsellors and organisations regarding addictions and working with an addicted population. This can be in the format of half day, full day or weekend sessions, and the price is negotiable, especially if you work for a charity or within the voluntary sector. Some of the topics that we could work on are: What is a drug?; Relapse Prevention, Motivational Interviewing, and Harm Reduction Approaches. These are just a few of the ideas that you might be interested in and this list is not exhaustive - we can build a training course for you to meet any particular need that you might have around drugs or alcohol. As an example Trevor spent a week in March 2013 teaching Motivational Interviewing to the clinical staff at an addiction treatment centre in Beirut, Lebanon.
We can also offer training on a range of subjects which the management and staff teams of charities, community groups, social enterprises and small businesses working with communities are likely to find useful, or may need in order to meet legal obligations or funder requirements.
Many of our courses can be delivered as a one hour "taster" or brief introduction, and many organisations find that these are an interesting addition to a regular team meeting slot. Although they do not offer an in depth look at topics, they may help staff highlight those areas in which they do need to know more - or where a review of policy and procedure would be helpful in improving service delivery or safety. Examples might be our "Introduction to the Equalities Act", or "Understanding Child and Adult Safeguarding".
Depending on the needs of the organisation and their staff for training and development in these areas, our courses can also be delivered as half day, or full one or two day programmes, where staff would come away with a full information pack and a thorough grounding in all aspects of the topic. Costs would vary with the numbers of staff being trained, the topics required and whether any particular aspects needed to be researched to meet the organisation's specifications or client group - but in general our prices would range from £30-£50 for a one hour taster in a team meeting to £400 - £800 for 2 trainers to provide a full day session to a team. We would generally come
to your premises, although we are happy to discuss other arrangements. Prices are generally negotiable, especially for unfunded or small community groups or charities.
Recently, amongst other topics, we have provided specific training sessions on: Child and Adult Safeguarding; The 2018 Data Protection Act and its Implications for Information Management; Managing Aggressive or Violent Clients; the Equalities Act 2010. Examples of questions our training packages could answer might include
  • "How do I carry out a Health and Safety Risk Assessment? What about lone workers, or staff who work from home?"
  • "How do I make my organisation more approachable for clients with disabilities? What about family friendly policies?"
  • "We want to take on some volunteers - how should we recruit and train them? And what else do we need to think about?"
We can build a training course for you to meet any particular need that you might have when working in or running a community group, charity or small business. When contacting us at New Directions please give a brief description regarding your training needs, and one of us will contact you as soon as possible to discuss what we can provide.

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