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Counselling, Supervision and Training, based in SW Wiltshire.

Organisational Assistance

Many organisations find that there are occasions when they need some external advice about an issue, or some help with making progress towards their targets. Some examples might be:

  • A small charity has a fairly inexperienced Trustee Board, and would like guidance around Trustee responsibilities.
  • A team has had several changes of manager, and is performing poorly. A review of current progress towards outcomes is needed, with recommendations about how to make improvements.
  • A charity needs to develop a business and fundraising plan, but isn't sure of the best way to do this without an experienced fundraiser, given the current financial climate.
  • A new project has been running for about a year, and an evaluation showing value for money and suggesting improvements is being asked for by funders.
  • A social enterprise is trying to put together a policies and procedures manual, but isn't sure which areas should be given priority, and in what sort of format or detail policies and procedures are needed.
  •  Staff feel as if they are not adequately trained for the jobs they do, and that the law and their responsibilities have changed such that they are worried about making mistakes. They need a training needs analysis and a training plan developed.
  • A staff member has left after a period of ill health. Other staff are unhappy that the supervisor didn't offer enough support - either to the unwell employee or to the rest of the team who were covering the extra work. Managers feel that some team development work and additional external mentoring to the supervisor would be helpful.
  • An organisation promotes a team member to a manager role. The new manager isn't confident about line managing some of their ex-colleagues and asks for extra help.

If any of these situations sound like concerns your organisation is facing, New Directions may be able to suggest an approach that will help.  We are able to provide a range of documentation, policies and training materials for in-house delivery, as well as business plans and organisational reviews. Please contact us to have a discussion about what we could offer. We offer a sliding scale of fees, starting at £15 per hour for small unfunded social enterprises and charities.

We also offer a wide range of training programmes for staff and managers, as well as 1:1 counselling and mentoring, and group supervision, team building and mentoring. If you're interested in that aspect of our work then please click on the 'Training' , "Counselling" and "Employee Assistance Programme" pages from the menu to the left of this page.

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